One of our installation and maintenance services, as a full-service concrete business in your area, is concrete leveling. If the concrete is significantly damaged or has deteriorated, we can determine whether leveling is appropriate and recommend repairing the concrete. As with all of our concrete services, our experts will identify the best and most affordable solution for your particular circumstance.


Other names for concrete leveling include slab jacking, mud jacking, and concrete lifting, which you may be familiar with. A concrete slab can be raised and leveled by a method called slab jacking. To bring the sunken slab back to its original place, a particular grout or mortar combination must be injected beneath it. In order to elevate and level the sunken concrete, mudjacking entails injecting a slurry of cement, dirt, and other materials—commonly referred to as "mud"—under it. Concrete lifting is the process of raising or elevating a concrete surface that has sunk in order to achieve a level position. Polyjacking is a type of concrete leveling that raises and levels concrete slabs that have sunk using expanding polyurethane foam. Foam is pumped into the concrete through tiny holes that are drilled there, and when it expands, it lifts the slab and fills any spaces underneath it. Finally, foam jacking involves lifting and stabilizing the sunken concrete by injecting a foam substance beneath it.


For a number of reasons, concrete leveling might be a wise investment. It is time and money efficient, increases safety, and enhances the appearance of your property. The benefits of hiring an expert contractor for your leveling needs are listed below:

Cost-Effective: Leveling concrete is frequently less expensive than replacing a sunken or uneven concrete surface entirely. It enables you to repair the concrete's functionality and look without having to pay to rip it out and lay new concrete.

Time-saving: Concrete leveling is a straightforward technique that may be finished quickly. Concrete leveling yields results right away, unlike concrete replacement, which needs time for the new concrete to cure and harden. This minimizes interruptions and downtime because you may start using the area right once after the leveling is finished.

Enhanced Safety: Trip hazards can be created by uneven or sunken concrete surfaces, endangering the safety of locals, guests, or consumers. By leveling the concrete, you may do rid of these tripping risks and make the area safer, which lowers the risk of accidents and possible liability problems.

Better Aesthetics: Concrete surfaces that are uneven or sinking can ruin the look of your property as a whole. Leveling can restore the concrete's aesthetic attractiveness on a driveway, patio, or sidewalk, raising the curb appeal and value of your home.

Structural Integrity: A concrete surface that is depressed or uneven may be a sign of underlying soil or foundation problems. Concrete leveling is a solution that will stabilize the concrete and stop additional damage. This aids in preserving the structural integrity of the concrete as well as any nearby structures, such as walls or foundations.

Prevents Additional Damage: Over time, additional damage might be brought on by uneven concrete surfaces. Low-lying regions where water collects can cause erosion, water damage, or even foundation problems. By leveling the concrete, you may get rid of these weak spots and stop additional harm to the concrete and other buildings.

Environmentally-Friendly: By reusing existing concrete, concrete leveling lowers waste. Leveling elevates and stabilizes the existing concrete, limiting the requirement for new materials, as opposed to rebuilding the entire slab. Because of this, it is a more environmentally friendly option than total replacement.



While you’re evaluating options for concrete leveling on your Bee Cave property, tell us about your needs and goals. Also, let us know how you found us. We will provide a free estimate and schedule a time for our services.


Because of valuable feedback from Jupiter residents like you, we can continue to improve our services. Please contact us immediately if you have any feedback on the specific concrete repair or installation project that we completed at your home. Your positive feedback on social media and review sites is much appreciated. Letting your neighbors know about your interaction with our professionals and the results of the repairs or installation is a valuable resource for other Jupiter residents when they begin looking for local concrete services.

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